Caribou (4 stars)



Dan Snaith could never be accused of standing still. In six short years he’s worked spectacular things out of his organic, rusty, Boards of Canada-esque electronica and now has led us all down a psychedelic K-hole and come up in a land of effusive pop. Everyone strives to lay new flesh around the bones of those perfect psychedelic pop songs of yore and in nine songs Snaith throws up images of The Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, The Beatles, Mecury Rev, Can, 13th Floor Elevators and even The Monkees, but creates something that is gently off-kilter and often gleefully surprising. His songs are sweet but not cloying, sugary but never saccharine. What lifts it above mere retroist folly is Snaith’s mind-blowing rhythmical approach. The man has a way with a beat that would make drum & bass DJs twitch. His music shifts in and out of focus, the beats hauling the picture back in glaring focus, bathed in bright yellow sunshine. Andorra is brilliant in both senses. (Mark Robertson)

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