Eddie Campbell - The Lovely Horrible Stuff (3 stars)

Eddie Campbell - The Lovely Horrible Stuff

An occasionally boring but overall worthwhile mix of art, photos and prose

Eddie Campbell is most famous for his semi-autobiographical tales as well as providing the scratchy art to Alan Moore’s Jack the Ripper opus From Hell. In The Lovely Horrible Stuff, he’s contemplating everyone’s current obsession: money. The first half is a rambling look at his own finances mixed with some global recession woes, while the second section switches to a history of Yap’s stone monetary system combined with a diary of his trip to this remote Micronesia island.

Campbell attempts to put a human face on the various concepts involved in lending, business finances and the economic slump but it’s never truly engaging. Even with Campbell’s quirky style, reading about someone else’s cash flow is just a bit boring and this comes across like a dull guest at a dinner party who blethers on about mortgages all night. The second half is far more successful, pitched somewhere between an easily accessible economic study brimming with odd facts and a travelogue. Campbell’s mix of art, photos and prose are always appealing but this isn’t his best work.

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