Liza Klaussmann - Tigers in Red Weather (4 stars)

Liza Klaussmann - Tigers in Red Weather

A cinematic historical tale set between the end of WWII and the 1960s

The Second World War is coming to an end and dashing Hughes Derringer is returning from the conflict to his bewitching wife, Nick. Her cousin, a young war widow Helena has found another someone of her own, and is shipping west for a life of glamour and excitement. Tigers in Red Weather charts the lives, loves and tumult of these three and their respective progeny, determined little Daisy Derringer and her brilliantly unsettling cousin Ed. Each of them tell their own story in a delicious five-part narrative harmony culminating in the 1960s.

This book, which elicited a sizzling eight-way auction battle eventually settled for a seven-figure sum, contains dancing and fabulous dresses, Lobster Bisque lippy, secrets and whisky sours; it holds within it all the glamour and sass of Mad Men and the bitter rancour and sweet regret of Richard Yates. A cinematic tale both vibrant and sad, it deserves to be read and read, and to blaze a trail that turns 50 shades of grey pillar-box red.

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