Caroline Wharram evicted from Big Brother

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  • 27 July 2012
Caroline Wharram

Caroline Wharram

Caroline Wharram has become the eighth contestant to be evicted from 'Big Brother'

Caroline Wharram has become the eighth contestant to be evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The 20-year-old contestant was ecstatic when her name was announced by host Brian Dowling and revealed she couldn't wait to leave the Channel 5 show.

She told her fellow housemates: "Oh my goodness, I am so happy," before shrieking happily and running up the stairs.

However, despite her happiness, she can't have been too pleased about being booed by the crowd outside.

She bravely attempted to dance and laugh as she stood on the platform outside but the crowd didn't stop.

Caroline lost out in the public vote to Luke Anderson and she has been a controversial figure in the house, where she was even warned about her bullying tactics by Big Brother.

She was taken to the diary room a few weeks ago and given a talking to for her weeks of harsh comments to her fellow housemates and responded by bursting into tears.

Big Brother said: "The pressures and demands of the environment in the 'Big Brother' house can lead to behaviour which can be defined as bullying.

"Bullying can include lots of different things - factions developing, tensions, or the ostracising of individuals.

"Do you think that any of your behaviour fits the descriptions given above?"

The emotional blonde replied: "Yes. I would never, ever intend to victimise or bully anybody. I feel absolutely awful but I genuinely would never make someone feel left out. I've just been a completely manipulative bully and I haven't intended to at all."

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