Matt Smith promises 'monumental' Doctor Who anniversary

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  • 27 July 2012
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith believes the 50th anniversary of 'Doctor Who' will be a "glorious and monumental" moment

Matt Smith expects 'Doctor Who's 50th anniversary to be "glorious and monumental".

The actor - who is the 11th star to play the Time Lord - will be playing the character when the show celebrates 50 years on television in November 2013, and he believes it will be a spectacular show for fans.

He said: "It's a stroke of luck that I get to be the incumbent Doctor for the 50th anniversary, because I don't think there will be a bigger year for 'Doctor Who'.

"We want to mark it in the most glorious and monumental way possible. We want to do 50 years - and everyone that's been associated with the show - justice."

Matt does not yet know exactly what the plans are but believes show boss Steven Moffat has big "mental" ideas for it.

He told Doctor Who magazine: "His first episode sounds great. It hasn't been written yet, but the idea is brilliant and as mental as you'd expect from Steven. So there's a lot to look forward to. Actually, Steven was going to pitch the next season to me not long ago. He said, 'Are you ready to cry?' "

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