Matt Smith loves young Dr Who fans

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  • 27 July 2012
The Time Lord and his current companions

Matt Smith

Matt Smith loves young 'Doctor Who' fans because they are not "cynical" like older enthusiasts of the sci-fi series

Matt Smith loves young 'Doctor Who' fans.

The 29-year-old actor - who is the eleventh person to play the iconic character - appreciates children who watch the show because they view it in a different way to the adults that are interested.

He said: "I like children. I like spending time with children, because they're interesting, and they're interested. They're not cynical. I trust the responses of children. I trust their honesty. I watch children to see how they react to stuff. They don't miss much!

"What's nice is, they're interested in the character and not the celebrity. To children, I'm just that silly old man who travels around in a police box."

However he is also appreciative of the US fans of the series because they are so passionate.

He added to Doctor Who magazine: "I love the fans in America because they're good at being fans. They're passionate. But the great thing about fans here is you get a lot more kids in the UK. Kids are the best."

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