Tommy Duckworth's Corrie car escape

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 July 2012
Chris Fountain

Chris Fountain

'Coronation Street's Tommy Duckworth will be lucky to escape with his life when he crashes his car after falling asleep behind the wheel

'Coronation Street's Tommy Duckworth will barely escape with his life when he falls asleep while driving.

The character - played by former 'Hollyoaks' actor Chris Fountain - takes on a second job as a pizza delivery driver to cover debts accumulated by his father, but the toll of working long-hours catches up with him when he nods off behind the wheel.

After crashing he is then questioned by police, who see the incident from nearby.

The scenes have already been filmed and will be shown in a forthcoming episode of the ITV soap.

Chris recently revealed Tommy was trying to do the right thing by helping his father but was likely digging himself into a "hole".

He said: "Tommy is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. He isn't a bad guy - everything is to protect his girlfriend, Tina.

"Tommy knows that this is serious since she told him about what happened between Rick and her late father, Joe. Tommy blames himself for everything. He's dug himself into a hole and can't see any way out."

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