Of Monsters and Men - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Tue 10 Jul (4 stars)

Of Monsters and Men - Oran Mor, Glasgow, Tue 10 Jul

Rabble-rousing folk-pop from Iceland

The already warm, friendly atmosphere is amped up to 11 by the time the Icelandic sextet take to the stage and it’s folk-pop, yarn-spinning aplenty for the next hour. They make a riotous sound, complete with trumpet and accordion for a cajun feel.

The young band are already household names in their homeland and the buzz around them in Europe and the US has been growing steadily louder over the past year, with a memorable performance at this years SXSW. Glasgow is their first outing on their European tour and they seem taken aback by the affectionate reception from the Scottish crowd. This doesn’t hamper their performance however, as they pound out their rabble-rousing tales. The voices of singers Nanna and Raggi blend beautifully and the musicianship from the entire band is tight. The crowd are invited to join in and with so many fist-pumping choruses, the sing-along spreads backwards across a sea of bobbing heads.

Of Monsters are masters of creating vast soundscapes, the scenery in which they act out their folk tales of houses on the backs of whales (‘From Finner’) and kings and howling ghosts (‘King and Lionheart’). From the starry-eyed ‘Love Love Love’ to upcoming single and a former number one in their native Iceland, the trumpeting ‘Little Talks,’ it’s clear that this band are made to play live.

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