Brad Meltzer & Ed Benes (3 stars)

Brad Meltzer

JLA: Tornado’s Path

Novelist Brad Meltzer proved he has a knack for comics with the gripping Identity Crisis, perfecting a style of weaving human feelings into tales of world shattering superpowers. This is no mean feat given that it’s often near impossible to anchor the likes of Superman or the Green Lantern and their cosmic abilities to real emotions. Now he’s back, re-launching the Justice League of America, the world’s premiere superteam.

As Damon Lindhoff so rightly mentions in his introduction, this is an action-packed reworking of Pinocchio, as robot/wind elemental Red Tornado tries to become a real man. Gripping from start to finish, it’s Meltzer’s fully-rounded characters and obvious love of these superheroes (and villains) that lifts this to new heights. Add to this Ed Benes’ astoundingly sharp, crisp and clean art which makes Tornado’s Path like a comic in HD. Much like Meltzer, Benes doesn’t just do exemplary action sequences but conveys true emotion throughout. (Henry Northmore)

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