Big Brother Scott warned over threats

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 July 2012
Scott Mason

Scott Mason

'Big Brother' bosses have repriimandedScott Mason over his conduct after he threatened to slap Becky Hannon

Scott Mason has been reprimanded by 'Big Brother' over his aggressive behaviour.

The 21-year-old student was reprimanded after reacting angrily to Becky Hannon when she branded him an alcoholic during a pool party, prompting him to threaten to "slap" her.

He blasted: "I'd come over there and slap you if I was [an alcoholic]."

He then ranted: "I find people annoying. I've never heard so much s**t in my life. Just f**k off you t**ts."

Becky, 19, told Scott to calm down or risk a warning over this behaviour.

However, he hit back, saying: "It's the truth bitch. Just kick me out of the house."

Scott was then called to the Diary Room and reminded about the rules over conduct in the house, but escaped an official warning.

However, he has previously been reprimanded for alleged racist comments when he claimed Deana Uppal ate with her hands because she is Indian.

He was also in trouble after he was caught trying to get drunk by swigging aftershave.

Scott and Becky are the only housemates not facing eviction this week.

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