Lawson tour bus covered in love notes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 July 2012


Lawson couldn't see their tour bus after a group of crazy fans got hold of it and covered it in love notes to the boy band

Lawson couldn't see their tour bus "because of fans love messages"

The new 'When She Was Mine' boy band were shocked when their tour van got hijacked after a concert they performed in Leeds, Northern England.

Drummer Adam Pitts told BANG Showbiz: "The funniest experience was after a gig in Leeds and the tour van was just covered all around it with very graphic messages written in nail polish of what these girls wanted to do to us, and then a phone number! Hundreds of these messages round the van.

"You couldn't even see the natural colour of the van it was that bad! I felt sorry for our tour manager, Mike, he had to spend four hours scrubbing it.

"Great gig at Leeds though, awesome crowd, they were all really up for it."

The band also revealed that they receive some explicit messages from their fans on Twitter.

Guitarist Ryan Fletcher said: "Yeah the tweets, every now and then you'll get a really graphic one which, obviously, we can't go into in detail."

Lawson have played shows supporting the likes of Jessie J, The Saturdays and The Wanted and their second single 'Taking Over Me' is released on August 5.

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