Spencer Matthews wants Caggie's Bachelor opinion

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 July 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews is keen for his former 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Caggie Dunlop to watch 'The Bachelor'

Spencer Matthews is desperate for Caggie Dunlop to watch 'The Bachelor'.

The reality star is very keen for Caggie - who he has appeared with in 'Made in Chelsea' and known since he was 15 - to give her opinion on his show where he hunts for a new girlfriend, but she has been unable to as she does not have a television.

She said: "My old 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Spencer Matthews is desperate for me to watch his show 'The Bachelor', but I keep telling him I can't. He says he really wants my opinion because I know him so well.

"I speak to him at least once a week. He's not trying to make me jealous with the show - that would never happen."

Despite many people claiming they are childhood sweethearts, Caggie thinks the pair just "flirt".

She added: "We've known each other since I was about 15. We knew the same people and kept bumping into each other at parties, but we've never dated. We just flirt. My mum likes him!"

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