Doctor Who monsters invade Cardiff Bay

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  • 21 July 2012
Young fan opens the Doctor Who Experience

Young fan opens the Doctor Who Experience

The 'Doctor Who Experience' opened at its new permanent home in Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay, on Friday (20.07.12) attracting thousands of visitors

Daleks, Silence and Cybermen invaded Cardiff Bay on Friday (20.07.12) at the opening of the 'Doctor Who Experience'.

The monsters frightened children and wowed adults alike as the attraction arrived in Porth Teigr, Wales, following its one-year stay at London's Olympia Two.

Thousands of fans were present for the launch with many children dressed as the Eleventh Doctor - played by Matt Smith - and some as companion Amy Pond and even Daleks.

One young fan in a bow tie, tweed jacket and fez hat just like the Time Lord was chosen to cut a red ribbon to officially open the Experience.

Philip Murphy, Managing Director of BBC Worldwide Live Events, said: "The atmosphere was electric, both visitors and staff were thrilled to be at the launch of the 'Doctor Who Experience' as it opened in its new long-term home. The city itself is almost an extension of the Experience as so many places will be familiar to fans of the series, it's the perfect setting for the Experience."

Cardiff Council Leader Heather Joyce is thrilled the attraction is now based in the Welsh capital and believes it will become a pilgrimage for fans of the sci-fi series because so many scenes and adventures have been filmed in the city.

She said: "The 'Doctor Who Experience' is a ... world-class attraction for the city and will provide a great opportunity for families to come to Cardiff Bay and experience something very special indeed. 'Doctor Who' is now synonymous with Cardiff and the council is very proud that it has been able to construct this building in Porth Teigr to house the 'Doctor Who Experience'."

The attraction features an interactive 3-D adventure which allows visitors to 'step through' a crack in time to become the Doctor's companion, travel in the TARDIS and battle Daleks and Weeping Angels.

The exhibition features props and costumes from the show's incredible 49-year history, including every Doctor's outfit, the Silence spaceship's control room from the last series and the wood creatures from the 2011 Christmas special 'The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe'.

Other highlights include the Ninth and Tenth Doctors' TARDIS console room, a Zygon - who battled Fourth Doctor Tom Baker in 1975 - an Ice Warrior, Sontarans, Peg Dolls from the 2011 adventure 'Night Terrors ' and a huge K1 Robot from 1975.

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