Corrie's Lloyd struggles to bond with daughter

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  • 19 July 2012
Craig Charles

Craig Charles

'Coronation Street's Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) will struggle to get used to having a daughter when his ex unexpectedly shows up with a child she says is his

'Coronation Street's Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) will struggle to get used to having a daughter.

The taxi firm owner is set to be shocked when a former girlfriend arrives on the cobbles to tell him they have a child together but Lloyd will find it difficult as he missed out on so much of her life.

A source told InsideSoap magazine: "Lloyd has missed out on his girl's entire childhood which is a real shame. But now they're going to have a chance to get to know each other as adults, and hopefully forge a proper relationship."

This isn't the first time Lloyd has been told he is a dad but unlike last time, it is actually true.

The source added: "Poor Lloyd - this isn't the first time a face from his past has come back and told him he's a dad. But whereas the last time it turned out to be a lie concocted by his crazy ex, Teresa Bryant, this girl really is his flesh and blood. It's going to take quite some getting used to."

Show bosses on the ITV soap are currently looking to cast a woman to play his ex-girlfriend, who arrives on 'Corrie' with a child, causing Lloyd to explode into a fit of rage when he finds out it is his own.

A source previously said: "Lloyd hasn't been in touch with this woman for a while and then she waltzes in and announces that he has a daughter.

"The news will knock Lloyd for six. His reaction will be pretty explosive."

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