Jedward to perform at The Glasgow Show 2012

Jedward to perform at The Glasgow Show 2012

Irish pop-sensation duo to deliver songs for all the family

Ever since they stepped onto the X Factor audition stage in 2009, Glasgow has been something of a spiritual home for John and Edward Grimes. Back then they could scarcely have known that, three years later, they’d be returning to the Scottish city with just one name between them and a whole lot of fame in their pocket.

Back by popular demand, Jedward are once again playing at The Glasgow Show, after they rocked the house (well, field) at last year’s event. Having recently represented their native Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest (for the second year running) and released their third album, Young Love, early criticism levelled at the lads for being tone deaf and talentless has been consigned to history.

With so many songs to choose from in their current repertoire, what will the energetic party-starters be throwing at their devoted Glasgow fans? ‘We’ll perform songs that the crowd know, that people instantly latch on to,’ says Edward. ‘It’s good to sing our latest single, because our fans know our songs. But sometimes their parents come along and they might not know our music – so we have to sing songs that are for everybody.’

With that decision made, it’s time to work out which hairstyle to choose (‘Some girls like it flat, some like it spiky,’ explains Edward) before getting an early night. Because that amount of energy doesn’t come from nowhere.

‘We drink a lot of smoothies, eat a lot of fruit, drink water, get good sleep and we don’t drink or smoke ever,’ says Edward. ‘We bring a lot of energy on stage, and it’s addictive – our fans are energised by us.’

Glasgow Green, Sat 21–Sun 22 Jul.

JEDWARD - Young Love

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