Quality headphones round-up


Clockwise from top left: Jabra Halo 2, Redemption Song, BlueAnt Embrace, Form 2, Jabra Sport, DS-321D

Overview of Jabra Halo 2, Redemption Song, BlueAnt Embrace, Form 2, Jabra SPORT, DS-321D

Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth

Boasting ‘Virtual Surround Sound’ and ‘Power Bass’ coupled with incredible comfort, HALO 2 can also link wirelessly to any Bluetooth device and are capable of taking calls via your mobile while the touch sensor on the side means you can adjust volume, skip tracks or pause/play via the headphones.
RRP £99.99 available from amazon.co.uk

House of Marley - Redemption Song

Officially endorsed by Bob Marley’s family, House of Marley offer a range of headphones all featuring eco-conscious designs and a proportion of proceeds go to 1love.org. This particular model has noise isolating in-ear buds and the option of Apple compatible controls.
RRP £59.99 from amazon.co.uk

BlueAnt Embrace

These ultra-comfy full ear headphones keep external noises out and have been specifically designed with the idea of long haul flights and are perfectly padded for extended wear as well as killer sound quality with adjustable EQ and a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
£149.99 available from amazon.co.uk

Form 2

When you learn these are from Bang & Olufsen you know you’ll get the perfect mix of classic design (designed by Steve McGugan in 1984, they can be seen at New York’s MOMA) and sound, the dynamic drive units offering true defined sound. Now available in four new colours (red, orange, yellow and white).
£109 available from amazon.co.uk

Jabra Sport

These wireless headphones are specially designed so you can listen to music (or take calls) while you workout and come with a free download of Endomondo Sports Tracker, a running app for Smartphones designed for Jabra SPORT, keeping you updated on speed, distance and lap time simply by tapping the headset.
£99.99 available from amazon.co.uk


Digital Silence’s in-ear range are designed expressly for their noise cancelling tech in mind using ‘Digital Ambient Noise Cancelling Technology’ (if you want to get technical) so you can hear the music as intended. The HD speakers and voice mic are an added bonus.
£69.99 from amazon.co.uk


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