Ned Beauman - The Teleportation Accident (4 stars)

Ned Beauman - The Teleportation Accident

Surreal, romantic quest spans several lands and three centuries


Egon Loeser, handsome, charming and clever, just can’t seem to get laid. He’s had girlfriends and the occasional fumble with a prostitute, but in a bid to conquer the luscious Adele Hitler (no relation), he continually fails to make the grade.

The premise for Ned Beauman’s second novel is a semi-surreal quest to conquer science, history and the art of seduction. Moving from Berlin and Paris to Los Angeles and spanning 1679 and 1962, Loeser chases the unattainable Adele, while simultaneously seeking to uncover the mystery of set designer Adriano Lavicini and his teleportation device. At times like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and at others a Monty Python sketch, Beauman’s style and imagination save The Teleportation Accident from becoming a farce and create instead an energetic, more readable Ulysses in Loeser’s journey of self-discovery. A novel that turns everything on its head, Beauman’s book is critical, funny and deliciously deviant.

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