Dialogue showcases work by Canadian printmaking collective Engramme (3 stars)

Dialogue showcases work by Canadian printmaking collective Engramme

Sue Corr - Speaking The Same Language

Series of 26 diptychs examine issues of duality

There’s a pleasingly simple structure to this show by the Canadian printmaking collective Engramme that allows for an uncluttered and diverse exploration of a complex subject. A series of 26 diptychs, one from each exhibiting artist, examines issues of duality, exchange, action and reaction; each set of works offering a personal interpretation of different types of dialogue using a variety of techniques.

Especially powerful are ‘Interstices I and II’, a pair of intense, almost claustrophobic, black and white collographs by Jessie-Mélissa Bossé that have a very clear dialogue taking place between them, with contrasting but complementary paces, rhythms, space, depth and intensity. Lisette Thibeault’s itaglio prints ‘In negative’ and ‘In positive’ seem the most obvious pairing of any of the diptychs, appearing initially to be one work of an intricate, symmetrical, organic structure, which has been printed again to create a negative image. The differences between the two prints are, however, far more subtle, and open the way for a much more interesting dialogue – not simply that taking place between the two images, but also between them and the viewer’s imagination.

Edinburgh Printmakers, until Sat 21 Jul


  • 4 stars

Work from Quebecois print workshop and artists collective Engramme, exploring the duality of dialogue through 26 separate diptychs.

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