Bleakley: Daybreak was difficult

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2012
Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley admits hosting 'Daybreak' "wasn't easy" and is happy she no longer has to get up so early in the mornings

Christine Bleakley admits hosting 'Daybreak' "wasn't easy".

The 33-year-old presenter was axed from the morning show in December 2011 just over a year after joining with Adrian Childes and she feels much happier now she is no longer working on the ITV1 programme.

Asked if she regrets taking on the show: "No, because it's good to do different shows. But it certainly wasn't easy. I have to say, I feel more rested now!

"I hate tempting fate but, yes, I am happy. I want to enjoy myself over the summer, then see what happens. I'm definitely more relaxed now I don't have to get up early!"

Christine is still friends with her former 'Daybreak' colleagues because they struck up a close bond due to their shared tiredness caused by the early starts.

She told new! magazine: "I was chatting to Dan Lobb only yesterday and I talk to Adrian [Chiles] a lot. He's on brilliant form and enjoying life immensely. You get so close working on something like 'Daybreak', especially when you're all knackered and getting up so early when the rest of the world is asleep."

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