Lawson 'fancy' Jessie J



Boy band Lawson admit they all "fancy" 'Price Tag' hitmaker Jessie J.

Lawson "fancy" Jessie J.

The 'Taking Over Me' boy band all agree the 'Price Tag' hitmaker tops their list of celebrity crushes.

Guitarist Ryan Fletcher exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We all fancy Jessie J. We all fancy Jessie J massively - yet none of us really know where we stand with her. So there is that."

The British group met Jessie - who is openly bisexual - last week after a gig in Switzerland and said she gave them the best advice they've had so far as a group, although they ignored it straight after their performance.

Lead singer Andy Brown added: "She said when you get off stage you've got to drink a litre of water and don't speak to anyone just relax your voice as much as you can - so in true Lawson fashion we decided the best thing to do was to go out and drink pretty heavily into the night!"

Ryan also joked the group - which also includes Adam Pitts and Jorl Peat - have a man-crush on American singer-songwriter John Mayer. The group also marked out Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer as a favourite and said they "love" Rita Ora.

Lawson's second single 'Taking Over Me' is released on July 29.

Jessie J

The urban pop diva and TV talent show 'coach' belts out the hits on this arena tour.


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