Lawson 'fancy' Jessie J

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2012


Boy band Lawson admit they all "fancy" 'Price Tag' hitmaker Jessie J

Lawson "fancy" Jessie J.

The 'Taking Over Me' boy band all agree the 'Price Tag' hitmaker tops their list of celebrity crushes.

Guitarist Ryan Fletcher exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We all fancy Jessie J. We all fancy Jessie J massively - yet none of us really know where we stand with her. So there is that."

The British group met Jessie - who is openly bisexual - last week after a gig in Switzerland and said she gave them the best advice they've had so far as a group, although they ignored it straight after their performance.

Lead singer Andy Brown added: "She said when you get off stage you've got to drink a litre of water and don't speak to anyone just relax your voice as much as you can - so in true Lawson fashion we decided the best thing to do was to go out and drink pretty heavily into the night!"

Ryan also joked the group - which also includes Adam Pitts and Jorl Peat - have a man-crush on American singer-songwriter John Mayer. The group also marked out Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer as a favourite and said they "love" Rita Ora.

Lawson's second single 'Taking Over Me' is released on July 29.

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