George Michael's 'most commerical album' since Faith

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  • 17 July 2012
George Michael

George Michael

George Michael's new album will be his "most commercial" since he released 'Faith' in 1987

George Michael's new album will be his "most commercial" since 'Faith'.

The 'White Light' singer changed his plans and decided to make an album of new material after feeling energised by writing new single, 'White Light', about his near death experience contracting pneumonia last year.

He told BBC radio 2: "When I wrote 'White Light', I realised I had the energy to finish an album this summer.

"So far I'm thrilled with it. It's the most directly commercial record I've made since [1987's] 'Faith'. It's not necessarily my best, I think that 'Older' is my favourite record.

"But the songs I've written in the last 20 years haven't slapped you in the face with their hooks.

"I'm always terrified that people won't think it's as good as I do, but if I didn't have that approach I wouldn't do what I do."

George had originally been working on an album based around his 'Symphonica' tour - part of which had to be rescheduled after he fell ill - when his stroke of inspiration happened and he thanked rock band Muse for giving up the studio they were working in to let him have time to finish his album.

He added: "I had planned on putting out a 'Symphonica' album this year.

"I already mixed most of that album, then I wrote 'White Light' unexpectedly. Muse, bless their hearts, they gave us this couple of weeks in the studio I always use. They went somewhere else."

The video for 'White Light' is based on George's time in hospital, and features supermodel Kate Moss as the person who saves his life.

A title and release date for George's new album has yet to be confirmed.

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