Neil Campbell & Michael Flower Duo - Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh, Sat 7 Jul (4 stars)

Neil Campbell & Michael Flower Duo - Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh, Sat 7 Jul

Duo hit punk-primitive motorik groove

As Usurper’s Ali Robertson and Malky Duff fidget with their collection of junk, a cassette plays of Robertson intoning a mantra of ‘rain, rain, rain’. Over this, they conduct a conversation about the weather, combining the sublime banality of William McGonagall with the bleak repetitions of Samuel Beckett.

Balloons are inflated, metal is scraped and plastic is rubbed in an investigation of sonic properties. It’s as if the sound poetry of Kurt Schwitters and futurist sound art of Luigi Russolo has been filtered through the Scots surrealism of Ivor Cutler and Bud Neill. Braw.

Taking a break from his ecstatic duo with drummer Chris Corsano, Michael Flower has reunited with his old mucker from Leeds underground collective Vibracathedral Orchestra, Neil Campbell. Flower’s beautiful neon guitar lines plot a course from Dusseldorf to Alpha Centauri, while Campbell’s DIY set up of drum machine, pedals and Casio keyboard conjures a punk-primitive motorik groove. The deranged mutant techno of Campbell's work as Astral Social Club soon rears its head, all rushing industrial beats, gaudy synths and brutal distorto-splatter. Flower responds with queasy phaser gloop and parabolic swoops, before locking into an unlikely, but joyous glam-rock riff on the home lap. Noisy, psychedelic splendour.

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