Big Business and Unsane - Nice N’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 5 Jul 2012 (4 stars)

Big Business and Unsane - Nice N’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 5 Jul 2012

Noise rock stalwarts with metal and punk credentials

Part time Melvins members and full time amp and drum devastators in Big Business, Jared Warren and Joady Willis stick to that very agenda when playing to a packed-out crowd in Sleazys. As a three piece tonight (joined by Scott Martin of Crom/400 Blows) they plough through choice cuts from their albums Mind the Drift and Here Come The Waterworks. Causing mass singalongs and co-ordinated headbanging to ‘Grounds For Divorce’ and ‘Just As The Day Was Dawning’, they whip the crowd into a gurning frenzy. Despite their metal and punk credentials, Big Business in the flesh have an incredible knack for rhythm ’n’ groove, and by ending their set with the almost tribal sounding ‘Guns’ they leave everyone in the room with a snarling grin. The job’s a good ’un.

Following Big Business tonight was never going to be easy – but New York’s finest noise rock stalwarts give it a hell of a go. Still dressed like they’ve stepped out of an ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden, Unsane belt through classic and new jams alike, and the harmonica on ‘Alleged’ is still as eerie as it was the first time around.

Nice N’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Thu 5 Jul

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