Dubstep DJ Scratcha DVA - interview

Dubstep DJ Scratcha DVA - interview

The Hyperdub star talks to us ahead of the label's showcase night at Sub Club

As part of their ongoing 25th birthday celebrations the Sub Club are joining forces with Deadly Rhythm to showcase one of the UK’s most innovative electronic labels, Hyperdub, to help round off July. Though only eight years old, the forward-thinking A&R skills of its founder, Kode9, has seen the imprint quickly gain iconic status thanks to an acclaimed and varied back catalogue, which has ranged from Scratcha DVA’s funky, tribal house rhythms to his own claustrophobic and intense, bass-heavy productions alongside vocalist, Space Ape.

‘Every release is different, you have no idea what’s happening next and that’s what’s exciting’, explains DVA. ‘For the listener or buyer, Hyperdub’s like a person who always wants to show you something new and doesn’t like being told what to do. Other label owners will spend time looking for hits from hit-makers but Kode9 always searches for them on the dancefloors where no one else is looking.’

The pair will both be performing DJ sets at the Subbie alongside LV, one of the first acts to put out material on Hyperdub. A more recent addition, DVA’s debut album, Pretty Ugly, was released earlier this year to what he admits was a ‘massively mixed reaction’.

‘I liked that, though; the fact people either hated or loved it. I’ve always had that reaction to my music, this time it was just on a bigger scale. To some, my music career ended when I stopped making grime, but there are other styles I want to work on.’

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 27 Jul.

Deadly Rhythm

Launched in London, a new dubstep, house and future garage night for Glasgow.

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