5 things that you have to see at . . . Funny in Falkirk

5 things that you have to see at . . . Funny in Falkirk

Mark Watson will be performing at Funny in Falkirk

Pete Firman, Mark Watson, Stewart Lee and more

Pete Firman

Middlesbrough’s magic man delivers jaw-dropping gags and funny conjuring tricks to the astounded masses of Falkirk. Now, should that be the other way around?
Falkirk Town Hall, Sat 21 Jul.

Mark Watson

He might look like he wants to fall asleep on the job, but the not-Welsh Bristolian is one of the hardest working chaps in the business. Maybe that’s the reason why he appears so bedraggled half the time.
Falkirk Town Hall, Tue 31 Jul.

Stewart Lee

The lad Lee may have taken a severe swipe at Mr Watson on his last touring show, but we don’t think he really meant it. Fortunately, perhaps, they’re on stage at the exact same time in different parts of town.
Behind the Wall, Tue 31 Jul.

The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek

This trio have gone fairly rapidly up the sketch show ladder, and this affair promises more of their silly and surreal shenanigans.
Behind the Wall, Sun 29 Jul.

Bruce Morton

A genuine Scottish comedy legend takes his passionate campaign farther afield as he asks us to Vote for the Greater Shawlands Republic. Will the Southside ever be free?
Behind the Wall, Fri 20 Jul.

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Pete Firman - Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2011

Mark Watson Live At The Apollo

Stewart Lee on David Cameron - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle - BBC


Bruce Morton - Live Floor Show.mov

Stewart Lee: Carpet Remnant World

  • 3 stars

Lee takes another bewildered, vitriolic look at the world today, his dependable rants focusing on the collapse of society v the rise of pointless retail outlets. Splendid.

The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek: All New Show 2012

  • 2 stars

Surreal sketches and barely restrained silliness from the Fringe sell-out trio.

Pete Firman: Hoodwinker

  • 4 stars

A regular TV face these days, Pete returns to the stage for a spellbinding mix of comedy and magic.

Funny in Falkirk

Falkirk delivers the mirth via live comedy, films and art with a top-notch line-up of familiar comedy faces, covering both boundary-pushing contemporary comedy and family-friendly appeal.

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