Crate Digging: Foamo

Crate Digging: Foamo

The house and heavy bass producer tells us about 5 of his favourite records before he guests at XY

I’ll go with Justin Martin ‘Don’t Go’ (Dirtybird) from his new album [Ghettos & Gardens] – he’s been one of my favourite producers for a while. I think he has a similar vibe to the stuff I make, where he is quite into his drum & bass and brings some of that vibe into his house music. The album has beautiful melodic parts but is still quite tough.

Dusky ‘Every Day’ (Dogmatik) is a straight-up house track but I love the vibe on it. I’ve been playing it at my residency at We Love Space in Ibiza. It works well out there.

Kry Wolf ‘Turbo Steppa’ (Sounds of Sumo) is really simple but works well on the dancefloor – a really raw simple bassline track. They’re good producers who don’t get as much recognition as they deserve, they run the label Sounds of Sumo and everything they put out is really good.

Shadow Child ‘So High’ (Moda Black) has got a chucky vibe to it but is still really funky, it’s actually an alias of Dave Spoon back making some really fresh house beats.

The final one is Gorgon City ‘Lost’ (Black Butter). That’s actually an alias I’ve started up – you’ve got to get one of your own in – with another producer RackNRuin. When I work on my own I sometimes get stuck for ages where I can’t finish a track, but when we do our sessions together we seem to be able to get a track done in a day. It’s a good partnership where the tracks just flow.

Foamo guests at XY, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Jul.

Justin Martin - Don't Go

Dusky - Every Day

Kry Wolf - Turbo Steppa (part of Foamo's Rinse FM mix)

Shadow Child - So High

Gorgon City - Odyssey ('Lost' unavailable online)


Adrenaline fuelled house, electro, garage and techno night.

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