School of Seven Bells set for UK tour

School of Seven Bells set for UK tour

Alejandra Deheza and Benjamin Curtis take Ghostory on tour

‘I’m really proud of this record,’ says Alejandra Deheza of her band’s new album, Ghostory. ‘I think it’s the best one we’ve done. I’m proud of the way we came together and wrote it, because there were a lot of people wondering if the band was going to keep going.’ It would have been a fair question to ask, after all the departure of Deheza’s twin sister Claudia following the release of School of Seven Bells’ second album, Disconnect From Desire, in 2010 might have interrupted the dynamic between both women and former Secret Machines member Benjamin Curtis.

‘Everybody has to really want to be there,’ says Deheza of her sister’s departure to raise her family. ‘It’s hard to keep touring the way we do if you want to be doing something else, so yeah, she went off to do her own thing. She wanted a different life.’ Did Alejandra think her departure would bring the band to an end? ‘No. Never. It started out just Ben and I, so it meant that things had really just come full circle for me.’

We can be grateful that they kept going, because Ghostory is a gorgeous record which incorporates Deheza’s spectral melodies with Curtis’ growling, shoegaze-informed guitars. ‘People might have been expecting something different,’ says Deheza, ‘but we just kept writing the way we usually do from the same inspirations and the same ideas. We just fleshed them out differently this time.’

Stereo, Glasgow, Sun 22 Jul

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School of Seven Bells and Churches

Ex-Secret Machines man Benjamin Curtis is joined by sweetly harmonising Alejandra Deheza in this ethereal band named after a mythical South American school for pickpockets.

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