'Big Brother's Lauren and Luke face eviction

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  • 17 July 2012
Lauren Carre

Lauren Carre

'Big Brother's Lauren Carre and Luke Anderson have been nominated for eviction on Friday (20.07.12)

'Big Brother's Lauren Carre and Luke Anderson have been nominated for eviction.

Student Lauren and sex-swap chef Luke will face the public vote on Friday (20.07.12) after receiving the highest number of nominations from their fellow housemates.

Lauren polled seven votes from the other contestants while Luke received four.

Big Brother forced the nominations to take place face-to-face in the garden last night (16.07.12) leaving housemates to tell each other why they disliked their fellow contestants. However, Luke Scrase, Sara McLean and Scott Mason all received immunity from eviction.

Lauren previously threatened to quit 'Big Brother' over food rations.

The unhappy housemate claimed she was going to complain to media watchdog Ofcom over her treatment which saw her, as part of Team Blue, forced to live on Basic Rations after her group lost the Turf Wars task to see who got control of the kitchen.

The seven Team Blue housemates were struggling to cope on their diet of crackers, cheese, raw cabbage, carrots and apples, while their Team Green rivals had a luxury budget and full access to the kitchen.

Lauren moaned: "I can't do this for another week. I'm going to walk.

"I'm so hungry. I've got headaches. My tummy is killing me. We need to write to Ofcom and human rights."

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