Jeremy Clarkson is BBC's highest earner

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  • 17 July 2012
Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson is the BBC's highest-paid presenter, taking home more than £3 million per year

Jeremy Clarkson is the BBC's highest-paid presenter.

The 'Top Gear' host saw his earnings rise by around £900,000 over the last year, taking it to an estimated £3.5 million, largely thanks to his share of the company that owns the commercial arm of 'Top Gear'.

Dividends from Bedder 6 - of which BBC Worldwide owns 50 per cent and Jeremy 30 per cent - produced £9 million, up from £6 million a years ago, thanks to DVD sales and the 'Top Gear' live tour.

Additionally, Jeremy has previously drawn a fee of £350,000 and is paid a separate "talent fee" from the BBC of just under £500,000.

A senior BBC executive - who asked not to be named - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Jeremy Clarkson has made the show what is it today and is responsible for turning it into a global brand.

"This arrangement means we can pay Clarkson for his success without the BBC and licence fee payers having to foot the bill."

The news came after BBC bosses vowed to cut the salaries of its highest paid stars.

The BBC's chief financial officer, Zarin Patel, said: "The BBC will continue to invest in talent but we will not pay more than we think we need to.

"Sometimes that means we lose stars."

However, Jeremy is on a different earnings structure from other stars who have already seen cuts, including Graham Norton, Sir Bruce Forsyth and Alan Hansen.

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