Kasabian nihilistic in their early days

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  • 17 July 2012


Kasabian took drugs at the beginning of their career because they didn't expect success to last

Kasabian took drugs because they didn't expect success to last.

The 'Underdog' rockers indulged in many illegal substances after signing their record deal in 2002, as they were convinced the spoils of fame would only be temporary.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno told The Sunday Times magazine: "We did just about everything we could get our hands on. Pills, coke, weed, booze. There was no tomorrow."

When asked if there was any illegal substance the BRIT Award winning group didn't take, he said they shied away from heroin.

He explained: "We never got into smack. I've always thought that's not a good idea. Luckily it never got dark. We never fell into a position where we looked around the room and went, 'Who are these people?'"

All of the band - which also includes singer Tom Meighan, bass player Chris Edwards, drummer Ian Matthews and guitarist Jay Mehler - have now become fathers, and Tom says their most hedonistic days are behind them.

The singer said: "It was great to do all the clichéd stuff, but we were young then. It's different now. We're more disciplined. We've done it all, haven't we? We don't gain anything from it anymore."

While he doesn't take hard drugs anymore, Tom still insists on having a few alcoholic drinks before he goes on stage.

He recently said: "I have a few Jagermeister shots. And I need a vodka and Red Bull, but that's probably the worst thing I could have. Would I go on sober? I can't see it now, but probably one day it will happen."


The lairy indie combo have headlined T in the Park and Glastonbury with their tried-and-tested piledriving electro-rock anthems.

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