Las Malas Amistades: Maleza (4 stars)

Las Malas Amistades: Maleza

Matured songs from Columbian art collective with lovely songs by Maria Zimena Laverde

(Honest Jons)

An art collective from Colombia, Las Malas Amistades offer an acoustic post-punk take on Tropicalia, which should appeal to fans of Scotland’s own Bill Wells and Muscles of Joy. The wonky DIY pop of Las Malas’ previous releases, all cheap drum machines, lo-fi effects and artfully flubbed notes, has been refined to a fragile web of guitars, with impressionistic brushstrokes of analogue synth and organ applied sparely.

At 70 minutes, the album is overlong, but there are gorgeous songs here, particularly those sung by Maria Ximena Laverde, such as the blue waltz ‘Llevame’ and the yearning ‘La Ultima Tourista’. She brings quiet passion to wistful, sometimes angry, songs of love, city life and politics.

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