The Pure Conjecture: Courgettes (4 stars)

The Pure Conjecture: Courgettes

11 musicians from different bands produce surprisingly engaging sound

(Armellodie Records)

The Pure Conjecture are 11 musicians or – as lead singer Matt Eaton puts it – ‘weird men’ from different bands (British Sea Power, Brakes and The Hazey Janes are all represented). Considering that debut LP, Courgettes was recorded pretty much all live, the unity that emanates from this diffuse clutch of artists is noticeable. Less jangly than The Thrills and with all the sincerity of Jarvis Cocker’s eponymous record, Courgettes may not necessarily be groundbreaking, but every shameless falsetto is welcome on this unfeigned LP. Don’t jump the gun: Courgettes is not a sentimental pastiche. It’s engaging without ever naval-gazing.

The Pure Conjecture // Knock Three Times

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The Pure Conjecture // The Tumbler That Never Ran Out

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