Passion Pit: Gossamer (4 stars)

Passion Pit: Gossamer

Second album from maximalist electro-pop hits the spot straight off


Where some of Passion Pit’s American indie peers swerve wilfully away from accessibility – Dirty Projectors, hello – this lot take the path of least resistance towards aural pleasure with wiggly synth-decorated, maximalist electro-pop, hiding downbeat lyrics beneath joyously upbeat music.

Helmed by self-confessed ‘control freak’ Michael Angelakos, the Massachusetts group follow excellent 2009 debut Manners with a record that – between glitchy rave-outs and celebratory choruses – hits the spot straight off, before unravelling complexities on repeat plays. ‘Love Is Greed’ sneers sarcastically at romance through a sunshiny smile, while ‘I’ll Be Alright’ numbing relationship pain with gin and pills.

Passion Pit - Love is greed

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