Huw M: Gathering Dusk (4 stars)

Huw M: Gathering Dusk

'Welsh Sufjan Stevens' is delightful


If you, like me, hold the view that Super Furry AnimalsWelsh-language album is their finest work, then you’ll probably be predisposed to love Huw M’s near exhaustingly delightful Gathering Dusk, a mildly psych-sizzled alt-folk charmer, sung mostly in the Pontypridd singer-songwriter’s throaty and naturally mellifluous native tongue. Comparisons with Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and Euros Childs’ solo work are necessary, though ‘a Welsh Sufjan Stevens’ sums him up more appropriately, particularly when French horn, cello and female harmonies are layered on magnificently. An English-sung closer tells of drowsy lovers; it won’t so much melt your heart as evaporate it. What’s Huw on about the rest of the time? No idea. But it’s delightful.

Huw M - Gad y diwrnod wrth y drws [Nodyn S4C]

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