Om: Advaitic Songs (4 stars)

Om: Advaitic Songs

Om's boldest record to date features Arabic prayers, a cello-led string section and more

(Drag City)

Having dipped their meditative toes into countless tantric states in their last two LPs, God is Good and Pilgrimage – Om dive head first off the edge of Mount Sinai with their most recent opus, their most ambitious and rewarding trip to date.

With less focus on the distortion found on their Sleep-lite releases from years gone past, Adviatic Songs is by far their boldest step beyond their previous stoner rock tag – by favouring total rumination and eastern ambiance over simplified, metal repetition. Armed with five arrangements bridging Arabic prayers, a cello-led string section, pipes, piano and a far cleaner bass and drum stomp, Om’s search for sonic enlightenment has matured fully.

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