Laetitia Sadier - Silencio (3 stars)

Laetitia Sadier: Silencio

Return of the mother band in artsy post-punk dream pop fix

(Drag City)

Craving a new fix of artsy post-punk with loungey 60s pop tones and French/English vocals, in the wake of Stereolab’s hiatus since 2009? Try the French frontwoman Laetitia Sadier’s Silencio – a solo album that, unlike her rich and revealing 2010 lo-fi debut The Trip, feels like a return of the mother band rather than an endeavour to try anything especially different.

‘Fragment Pour le Future de l’Homme’ wires motorik funk to Stereolab-signature wibbly-wobbly synths. ‘Next Time You See Me’, the album’s highlight, blends slacker-rock guitars and dreamy melodies, before whispered poems collapse into each other on ‘Invitation au Silence’ – a finale that will leave an aftertaste sophisticated to some, pretentious to others.

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