Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey set sights on Oscar

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  • 13 July 2012
Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey

Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey

'Britain's Got Talent' winners Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey are currently in Hollywood having meetings with Disney executives and have hopes of winning an Oscar

Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey have set their sights on winning an Oscar.

The 17 year old and her dancing dog - who is being championed by Simon Cowell - won this year's 'Britain's Got Talent' and now the pair have flown to Hollywood for meetings with a number of top Disney executives.

Ashleigh told The Sun newspaper: "I think Pudsey would be perfect for the movies. Simon has always wanted a dog to win an Oscar."

However, Ashleigh insists Pudsey isn't turning into a diva and says he is treated the same as her family's other non-celebrity dogs when he is at home.

She said: "At home we have six dogs. We have three collies in their own kennel outside and Pudsey sleeps inside with his mum and my sister's dog.

"My sister's dog is a little bit grumpy and when Pudsey goes home he just gets growled at - I bet he dreads going home. All the beds are taken and he has to sleep on the floor sometimes.

"It's a bit of a reality check for him, that's probably why he's not a diva. Fame hasn't changed him, he's exactly the same. He just eats better food now."

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