Curve Foundation

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Fri 20 & Sat 21 Oct


The Curve Foundation is the rainbow of the Scottish dance scene - rarely seen but well worth the wait when it finally arrives. The company has been creating quality dance for over eight years now, despite struggling to secure the funding it deserves. Undeterred, artistic director Ross Cooper has continually brought innovative choreographers and stunning dancers into the fold - and this latest show is no exception.

Cooper himself has created Theme and Variations, his first new work for some time. Inspired by the East of Scotland landscape and Baroque music, the work is set to JS Bach’s Chaconne - a score which Cooper feels has a special resonance with dance.

‘The instrumentation from the Baroque period suits dance,’ says Cooper. ‘Because it was a time before composers had huge orchestras to play with, so they really worked their instrument. And that’s similar to dance, because we really have to work our instrument - the body.’ Joining Cooper on the bill with be Jonathan Watkins, a dancer with the Royal Ballet, whose beautifully structured work Beyond Prejudice is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Portuguese choreographer, Rui Lopes Graça closes the evening with the UK premier of Under The Skin. A fast piece for six female dancers, the work explores first impressions. ‘It’s about how people look at each other when they first meet, and make certain judgements,’ says Cooper. ‘And how that changes when you become comfortable with them. The whole theme of the evening is about going beyond that first encounter.’

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