“Daily Show” in Iraq visit

  • List.co.uk
  • 20 August 2007

News programme spoof “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” is set to broadcast on-the-scene reports from Iraq. After months of preparation and training, correspondent Rob Riggle and field producer Glenn Clements left on 10 August with a USO comedy sketch tour called Operation Feel the Heat. This is the first time “The Daily Show” has visited the war zone despite regular features on Iraq-related topics. Clements said: “Definitely it was run and gun. First and foremost, we were there to entertain the troops.” Riggle said he felt good about being part of a group which enabled troops to escape their deadly serious work through comedy and laughter. “The Daily Show” insists that it is sensitive to the soldiers’ concerns and Riggle said: “Any humor we did, it’s on me being an idiot. We know where the line is.”

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