Big Brother imposes rule task

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  • 11 July 2012
Big Brother housemate Luke S

Big Brother housemate Luke S

A series of strict rules have been imposed on the 'Big Brother' housemates as part of their shopping task this week

A series of strict rules have been imposed on the 'Big Brother' housemates.

This week's shopping task sees three housemates made wardens, and they must spot and identify all rules breaks over the next two days, incurring fails if they do not spot any breaches or fail to issue tickets to offenders.

Among the rules the housemates must abide by inside the house are wearing seatbelts on the sofas, donning safety gear - yellow chemical suits, black rubber gloves, safety goggles, and black and yellow wellies - while eating and preparing food - doing a forward roll onto the matted area leading to the Diary room, and staying out of the beds in the daytime.

Additionally, a set of rules are in position in the garden.

All housemates must be within the 'safe zone', a small platform, when the alarm sounds, smokers much bounce on trampolines while smoking - and they have to wear giant cigarette outfits. Housemates must 'decontaminate' after smoking or eating in a booth that blasts them with foam and smoke.

Anyone wishing to swim most wear a life jacket, arm bands, rubber ring, swim hat and goggles.

The number of fails that the wardens are allowed to incur is inside an envelope in a glass case which will be broken open to reveal the result at the end of the task.

Any housemate that has been issued with two tickets be sent to the punishment area, where they will have to paint coal white and then black again.

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