Liz Dawn hid lines on Corrie set

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  • 11 July 2012
Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn

Liz Dawn was too sick to learn lines in her final years on 'Coronation Street' so used to hide them in props on the set

Liz Dawn was too ill to learn lines during her final years on 'Coronation 'Street' so used to tape scripts to props.

The veteran actress - who quit the soap in 2008 after 34 years playing Vera Duckworth because of chronic lung condition obstructive pulmonary disease and - admits she took "ridiculous" measures to cover up the fact her illness had left her unprepared for scenes.

She explained: "I couldn't walk more than a few steps without sitting down and I was so tired I couldn't even learn my lines.

"I kept them hidden in the frying pan or on a plate of sandwiches when we were shooting scenes in the cafe or on the table behind the sugar bowl in Vera's house.

"The camera boys were great. They would shout things like, 'Liz, just move that sauce bottle a bit to the left to hide the paper.' But it was getting ridiculous."

Vera was killed off in her chair with husband Jack (Bill Tarmey) by her side but Liz even found those scenes difficult as she was unable to hold her breath, prompting her co-star to step in.

She explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "You can't hold your breath for any length of time because however hard you try you don't have the capacity in your lungs.

"In the end, Bill through his coat over me so you couldn't see my chest or shoulders rise. I don't think I'd have managed it otherwise."

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