Animated entertainment on Internet

  • 20 August 2007

A website providing opportunities for animators to create and share their original clips is launching its own channel on video site YouTube. Aniboom is aiming to find and promote the next animated global blockbuster which could rival the likes of The Simpsons or Southpark. The Israeli based site provides tools online for creating animations, as well a place to showcase animators’ clips to test their popularity with Internet audiences. Aniboom has an online community of 2500 animators from over 70 countries. Chief Executive Uri Shinar describes the site as a place to cultivate animated entertainment. He said: “We put the series all over the Web and whatever will catch will be the next hit. The main dream, if you like, is that the next South Park will come out of Aniboom.” Shinar champions the Internet as a cheaper more effective testing ground for new entertainment than traditional television production, claiming it can reach a much larger focus group for less cost.

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