Arron Lowe out of Big Brother

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  • 7 July 2012
Arron Lowe

Arron Lowe

Arron Lowe has been booted out of the 'Big Brother' house

Arron Lowe has been voted out of 'Big Brother'.

The martial arts expert - who had predicted he would leave the show - left to a cacophony of boos, but admitted he would likely have done the same to himself.

He said: "I probably would have booed myself. I know I upset a few people but life is for living. I don't have regrets.

"I'm a genuine person and I do really care. But they're all backstabbers in there. Welcome to 'Big Brother'."

Arron went into a meltdown earlier this week, scrawling rude words on his chest and bosses had to warn to him to keep hold back on his intimidating behaviour.

However, he had harsh words for Deana Uppal, who he was up against in the nomination, saying she was "like watching paint dry".

Earlier this week Lauren Carre threatened to quit 'Big Brother' over food rations.

The unhappy housemate claims she is going to complain to media watchdog Ofcom over her treatment which saw her, as part of Team Blue, forced to live on Basic Rations after her group lost the Turf Wars task to see who got control of the kitchen.

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