Caggie Dunlop: 'MiC is a double-edged sword'

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  • 6 July 2012
Caggie Dunlop

Caggie Dunlop

Caggie Dunlop admits trying to launch a music career off the back of 'Made in Chelsea' can be a "double-edged sword"

Caggie Dunlop thinks 'Made in Chelsea' has been a "double-edged sword".

The singer - who starred in all three series of the E4 show - admits she is keen to get her music career of the ground and has found the programme has been both a help and a hindrance since.

She said: "It's definitely a double-edged sword. It's given me a platform in the sense that there is a following. Everything now is to do with the internet and social networking and the following you have, so if you go into a meeting and put down those statistics that can give you quite a lot of leverage.

"At the same time in the music industry they like to discover people, and as I'm already a bit exposed in the way I have been, that can be kind of the turn-off. But through the power of persuasion and sticking at it, I'm slowly managing to turn people's views around. Once I release my EP that will be sink or swim time."

Now Caggie is now starring in a new silent movie 'The Walk', and while she is no longer in 'Chelsea', she does stay in touch with those in the cast she was friends with before the show.

She added: "Yeah we stay in touch, of course. Not all of them were my friends, but the ones that were, we do. We don't see each other so often because everyone is doing such different things. We all started out and knew it would be a platform."

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