Lauren threatens to quit Big Brother

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  • 6 July 2012
Lauren Carre

Lauren Carre

Lauren Carre has threatened to quit 'Big Brother' because she is furious about having to exist on basic rations

Lauren Carre has threatened to quit 'Big Brother' over food rations.

The unhappy housemate claims she is going to complain to media watchdog Ofcom over her treatment which saw her, as part of Team Blue, forced to live on Basic Rations after her group lost the Turf Wars task to see who got control of the kitchen.

The seven Team Blue housemates are struggling to cope on their diet of crackers, cheese, raw cabbage, carrots and apples, while their Team Green rivals have a luxury budget and full access to the kitchen.

Lauren moaned: "I can't do this for another week. I'm going to walk.

"I'm so hungry. I've got headaches. My tummy is killing me. We need to write to Ofcom and human rights."

Shievonne Robinson added: "We're starving. We're withering away. We've got nothing left to give."

Luke Anderson tried to raise their spirits, saying: "There's food here. Don't quit."

However, the group's situation has got even worse as they have also lost the use of the bedroom and have to sleep on camping mats in sleeping bags.

Despite winning the task to take control of the bedroom - where they had to compete in a relay and collect rubber ducks with their mouths from gunge filled loos and drop them in the baths without using their hands - they were later disqualified as Sara used her hands to pick up a duck.

A disappointed Sara later complained: "I really don't want to lose the bedroom. I like to use the mirror and my clothes are all in order.

"If I take them out they will get mixed up. I hope I don't do anything silly again as people will get really mad."

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