Spencer Matthews branded 'sleaze'

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  • 6 July 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

An ousted 'bachelor' contestant has branded Spencer Matthews a "sleaze" who is only taking part in the show for publicity

Spencer Matthews has been branded a "sleaze" by an ousted 'Bachelor' contestant.

Rebecca Rock - who left the show last night (05.07.12) - has branded the show a "total joke" because the hunk is secretly still dating his 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Louise Thompson and divided his time between phone calls to his lover and "hitting on" the female competitors.

She said: "I knew within hours of arriving that it was all a pack of lies, because Spencer was still involved with Louise.

"He was definitely not interested in finding a soulmate -- although dating Louise didn't hold him back when it came to hitting on the other girls.

"He cornered a couple and tried to persuade them to have sex with him.

"One was seduced by his charm but most people just found him sleazy. It was clear that other than a quick fling, he couldn't have cared less about any of us.

"When he wasn't eyeing us all up he just looked bored.

"He even told one of the girls he was only doing the show for the money and publicity."

Rebecca branded the show - which sees 24 women compete for Spencer's affections - "a joke" and says she was the first to depart because she refused to "play ball" with producers' requests.

She added to The Sun newspaper: "The whole process was a joke, and every girl knew it. Spencer arrived on set tanned from a holiday with Louise.

"Everything you see is contrived. I didn't last long because the production team ordered me to kiss Spencer and I refused.

"By then I had seen enough to know I didn't want to be anywhere near him, let alone give him a kiss for the cameras. Other girls were more prepared to play ball."

A Channel 5 spokesperson denied Rebecca's allegations, including a claim that Louise had joined him in his villa on the show.

The representative said: "All these claims are categorically untrue. Spencer has been nothing but a gentleman in his dealings with the girls and has been a delight to work with.

"We are very grateful for Rebecca's contribution to the programme."

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