The Strokes clean up for new album

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  • 5 July 2012
The Strokes L-R Nikolai, Julian, Albert

The Strokes' Nikola Fraiture, Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr.

The Strokes have quite drinking and smoking to record the follow up to 'Angles' in New York

The Strokes have quite drinking and smoking to record their new album.

The 'Last Night' band are recording their fifth album in New York, and have cleaned up their act so they can concentrate on the new material, according to guitarist Albert Hammond Jr's father.

Albert senior said: "They're back, strong and mature, a lot of them have quit smoking and drinking and all the good things that come with rock 'n' roll, or whatever people think comes with rock 'n' roll."

Albert also acknowledged the band almost split when they were recording last album 'Angles' - with singer Julian Casablancas taking himself out of sessions at one point - but relations between the group are now better than ever.

He added to NME magazine: "Fortunately they do love each other, and they have people around them who love them. Obviously we all take the wrong roads at times, especially when you're young. And some of us never come out of that road and end up in another world. The good thing about them is that, as I said, all these people that loved them and they loved each other and they finally realised that they had something going that was good."

The Strokes

Formed in 1998 in NYC, The Strokes are am indie rock/garage group best known for singles 'Last Nite', '12:51' and 'Juicebox'. Their first album Is This It, released in 2001, reached number two on the UK charts, as did 2003's Room on Fire, but it wasn't until 2006 that First Impressions of Earth, their third reached the…

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