Tyler James can't listen to Winehouse's music

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  • 3 July 2012
Tyler James at T4 On The Beach

Tyler James at T4 On The Beach

Tyler James says he is so devastated by the death of close friend Amy Winehouse last year that he still can't listen to her music

Tyler James still can't listen to Amy Winehouse's music.

The 'Voice' contestant was a close pal of the 27-year-old singer - who tragically died in July 2011 - but says he cannot bring himself to put on her recordings because they would upset him too much.

Speaking at T4 On The Beach in Weston Super Mare on Sunday (01.07.12), he told BANG Showbiz: "Amy was my soul mate, she was my best friend for seven years.

"Amy's death happened last year but for me it's like it just happened, I can't listen to her music just yet, some day I will but for now I can't."

Tyler also credits taking part in BBC One's 'The Voice' with giving him the push start performing and recording again.

He said: "The 'Voice' was great because after such a hard year, it forced me to get back recording and performing, it made me get back into the music and gave me the push I needed.

"It was a really intense time and it got me back on track."

Meanwhile, Tyler is thrilled with the musical success Amy's goddaughter and protégé Dionne Bromfield is enjoying, and says she knows she can rely on him if she needs anything.

He said: "Dionne's my family, I've known her since she was 12. I know she's back recording again in the studio again but if she ever needs anything she knows she can call me."

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