Spencer Matthews: I won't ever get back with Louise

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  • 1 July 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews has ruled out ever getting back together with ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson even if he doesn't find love in 'The Bachelor'

Spencer Matthews has ruled out ever getting back together with ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson.

The 'Made In Chelsea' hunk is currently starring in Channel 5 show 'The Bachelor' - which sees 24 girls share a villa in Southern Europe and compete for his affections - and admits if he doesn't find love in the programme then he still wouldn't rekindle his romance with his brunette co-star.

When asked if he would start another relationship with Louise if all else failed, Spencer - who got back together with the 22-year-old beauty in the last series of 'Made In Chelsea' - said: "I really don't think I would. I think we'd be better as friends.

"I feel it's the right time in my life to meet some people I wouldn't necessarily meet in everyday life and, I hope, find love."

Louise has previously revealed she would be disappointed if Spencer finds love in 'The Bachelor', and he admits it would be a "shame" if his appearance on the show upsets her but he insists the pair are "better as friends".

He added: "It is soon but it's just best to look forward instead of backwards. If I do get a girlfriend and it upsets Louise, it's a shame. I hope she knows I'll always be there for her. We need to face the reality that we never worked.

"Louise and I met when we were 17 but we weren't quite ready for anything serious, so we became really good friends. We've always been very close but, every time we circulated back to one another in a romantic way, it just didn't work and each time we damaged the friendship we had. We mutually decided we worked better as friends."

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