Twin Shadow - Confess (3 stars)

Effortless, oozing cool from Mr. Perfect of 21st century pop

Twin Shadow - Confess

George Lewis Jr is the perfect 21st century pop star. Handsome, talented, fêted and ridiculously cool, it’s quite possible he was grown in a petri dish to satisfy the desires of contemporary audiences who feel they can discern what is genuine from what is ersatz from ten seconds of a YouTube clip.

As Twin Shadow he carried this burden with impressive poise on his new-wave drenched debut Forget, and he does it again here. The swagger, the healthy frisson of sexuality, the lovelorn lyrics that underpin a priapic desire are all present, and couched in Lewis Jr’s smart, shimmering and slick, if a little superficial, productions, notably ‘Five Seconds’ and ‘Golden Light’. It all just seems so easy for him, and at times it’s just a little too easy for the listener.

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Twin Shadow - Golden Light

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