Twin Shadow - Confess (3 stars)

Twin Shadow - Confess

Effortless, oozing cool from Mr. Perfect of 21st century pop

George Lewis Jr is the perfect 21st century pop star. Handsome, talented, fêted and ridiculously cool, it’s quite possible he was grown in a petri dish to satisfy the desires of contemporary audiences who feel they can discern what is genuine from what is ersatz from ten seconds of a YouTube clip.

As Twin Shadow he carried this burden with impressive poise on his new-wave drenched debut Forget, and he does it again here. The swagger, the healthy frisson of sexuality, the lovelorn lyrics that underpin a priapic desire are all present, and couched in Lewis Jr’s smart, shimmering and slick, if a little superficial, productions, notably ‘Five Seconds’ and ‘Golden Light’. It all just seems so easy for him, and at times it’s just a little too easy for the listener.

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Twin Shadow - Golden Light

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